Vitamin supplements for multiple sclerosis

When I decided to be well,
I took the darn vitamin supplements.

I learnt in 2002 that there was a bunch of supplements that people with MS could take to give their bodies the nutrition they needed to heal.   This list of supplements Continue reading


The Attitude of Gratitude

Do you know what really makes a difference to how I feel and the sort of day I have?  Keep an open mind, cos this is a bit out of left field… it’s pouring a bucket of gold energy over my head in the morning.  Sometimes when I’ve had a good day, I realise that that morning, I had remembered to pour gold energy over me.  Try it for yourself, keep reading to find out how.   Continue reading

Here’s Some Methods Helping People with Multiple Sclerosis to Detox

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been feeling great!  I’m exercising more, my bowels are moving regularly (even twice a day on occasion) and I’m more confident and emotionally balanced.  What on earth has lead me to this wonderful state of being? Continue reading

A Little Holiday is a Good Thing

Happy Easter!  I’m feeling good, pretty calm and energetic.  We went for a 6 km walk along the coastal track  up at Noosa National Park (click on the link under Maps) a few days ago while Darren’s mum was staying with us for Easter, then for another walk to Kondalilla Falls the next day.  I’ve also been feeling somewhat anxious for a few days, and I think that’s because I’m still getting to know Darren’s mum and I start my new job in two days Continue reading

How do toxic metals get into the body?

Seafood, “silver” fillings, vaccinations and other medical products, and even the contraceptive pill!  These are proven ways that mercury can be ingested by humans.  And all four methods are part of my case history – isn’t that interesting!?   Continue reading

Little Known Ways to Create More Energy

I’ve been feeling happier, calmer and more energetic for three weeks now (but who’s counting he he).  My mood started to lift in mid March and has kept climbing!  I’ve been working on body and mind elements to healing and here’s what I think has lead me to this wonderful place: Continue reading

Who else wants to clear their chakras and feel more positive?

I had a crystal healing last week which unblocked four of my chakras and lead to me feeling more open in the base chakra area and somehow free-er – more positive and content as if I now knew that things would be okay.  Continue reading